If your car does not requires a service, but you are concerned about it’s overall condition, a safety check may suit your needs.

It includes the majority of checks we carry out during a car service and ensures your car is safe and that all the basic mechanical elements are in good working order.

Safety Check Item
Fit protective covers
Check coolant, washer, brake fluid, PAS levels
Check clutch operation
Brake pad thickness test
Check fan and auxiliary belts(excluding timing belt)
Check wipers condition & replace if necessary
Remove wheels & check brake pads front & rear
Check exhaust
Check all steering & suspension joints
Check all mountings & gaiters
Check and report condition of tyres including spare
Adjust tyre pressures as required including spare
Check handbreak operation & travel
Visually check spark plug leads
Under body inspection
Connect to engine diagnostics
Check all fuel lines & brake lines
Check & oil door catches & hinges
Check windscreen
Replace pollen filter if required (extra charge)
Check gear oil
Check timing belt for renewal
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