CarDock have the equipment to trace a variety of electrical problems in your car. To help you understand a little more about your car we have listed some typical problems:

OXYGEN (Lambda sensors):

In the cold weather faulty oxygen sensors result in the engine warning light coming on. There is a good reason for this, the oxygen sensordetects the level of oxygen in your exhaust fumes and tells your engine whether it should inject more or less petrol into the system.

Ignoring this engine warning light can result in a poor performing engine and may damage your catalytic converter. Only manufacturer supplied oxygen sensors should be used and they typically cost €120-€160 euros plus fitting to replace.


  • Lights

    Lighting systems can give trouble when they have the wrong bulb inserted or become worn. Because lights generate a lot of heat, your lighting is susceptible to heat fatigue to the plastic housings.

    It is important not to ignore this type of problem as it can result in serious malfunction. Light housings are inexpensive and easy to replace.

  • ABS (Anti lock braking) System

    ABS systems generally don’t give much difficulty. The main problem is with wheel speed sensors. These sensors detect the speed at which each wheel rotates and can malfunction due to wear and tear.

    If you have an ABS warning light on, drop into us and we will quickly diagnose the problem.

  • Battery & Alternator:

    A flat battery can be the result of an old exhausted battery or a faulty alternator. Both are easy to diagnose and can be replaced on the same day. Old batteries tend to finally fail in cold conditions.

    If you feel your car is slow to start, we advise you replace the battery early and avoid being stranded with a car that won’t start.

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