Your car clutch should last 150,000km and more. However they can fail at an earlier stage depending on the type of driving and style of driving.

Replacing a clutch is time consuming because you have to remove the car wheels, drive shaft and gearbox before you can access the clutch to replace it. In addition you have to replace the heavy duty clutch parts which are not cheap.

At CarDock we are equipped and experienced at carrying out this heavy duty work.


The clutch consists of a large disc in between the gearbox and engine. The disc is attached to the engine and spins with it. When you take your foot off the clutch to move the car, the disc is pressed against the gear box causing the gears to turn. It is made of a very strong material which allows it to slip a little as it touches the gearbox plate, giving you a smooth take off.


Gearbox’s are very intricate and vary greatly in design. They are also very expensive to repair. The good news is that they don’t break that often. Very few garages repair gearboxes themselves, instead outsourcing to specialist gearbox technicians. At CarDock we work with Dublin’s main gearbox specialist to ensure your car is repaired optimally. We will remove your gearbox, bring it to the specialist and assess the damage with them, authorise necessary repairs and reinstall your gearbox into your car ourselves.

If your car is a Diesel, there is a good chance that there is a dual mass flywheel and in most cases this will require replacement at the same time. To replace this item at a later date would incur the same labour. This can be assessed when the gearbox has been removed.

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