Your cars Air Conditioning is often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenence. Many of us solely rely on aircon during the summer months but it is quite effective in demisting windows in winter and removing humidity reducing fogged up windows. While the obvious external items such as belts, mounting and radiators may be regularly checked, there are other areas which need attention such as gas levels, compressor oils, seals and condensors.

You can lose 15% of the refrigerant gas in the system each year thus reducing the perfomnace of the cooling. A car running low on a/c gas will work harder and use more fuel.

Bacteria can build up in the vents leading into your car causing bad odours. This can be due to lack of use or long periods wiuthout treatment.

Having your Air Con System serviced at Cardock will ensure the gas is replenished, compressor oil replaced and the vents will be treated with an anti bacterial agent. We strongly advise to change your cabin filter at the time of service to ensure optimum effect.

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