At CarDock we recognise that you simply want to get your car fixed. You don’t want to hear all the reasons as to how difficult it is or why you need to go to a different specialist for paint work, or auto electronics. That is why we provide a full service provision where we will chase down your list of problems until they are all sorted. This may include a visit to the body shop, repair of a mobile phone connection or installation of an iPod adapter.

Similarly you may be having difficulty arranging to get your car in, maybe you can’t collect one evening or your car may even be broken down in another county. We are there to help you for all these sorts of situations. We are happy to sort through all the problems on your car rather than just giving it a simple service.


Our garage is a clean purpose fitted workspace. It has been designed to allow us service your car in the most professional way.

It is also aimed at providing transparency to the customer, we welcome you (under safe supervision) to come and view your car being fixed, understand the problem and learn a little about your vehicle.

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